Soluble Oils

Our Alpha Sol family of water soluble coolants are very common and generally a milky, opaque fluid. Typically Alpha Sol soluble oils are 30-85% of refined lubricant base oil and emulsifiers to help disperse the oil into water. This product includes other additives to improve performance, tool life and overall sump life of the product.  Soluble oils generally provide good lubrication and are better at cooling than straight oils. 

Alfasol 105 Soluble Oil Coolant
An economically priced soluble oil. Offers good lubricity and can be used on all materials.
Recommended Concentricity: 7-10%

Alfasol 190 Soluble Oil Coolant
ALPHASOL 190 Next generation, Premium soluble oil with outstanding Bio resistance. Best tramp oil rejecting soluble coolant on the market. Chlorine and Sulphur free. For use on all metals. 
Recommended Concentricity: 7-10%

Alfasol SX Soluble Oil Coolant
Designed for low speed, high feed, heavy-duty turning and milling of Stainless steels.  Typical usage are older multi spindle machines. 
Recommended Concentricity: 7 - 12%