Semi-Synthetic Coolant

Our Beta Sol and Nanotech family of coolant contains many of the same ingredients as soluble oils but both a synthetic (polymer) and a more complex emulsifier package is added.  These semi-synthetic coolant can contain anywhere from 5% oil to 35% oil.  The smaller percentage of oil in semi-synthetics allows for heat to be dissipated much faster than with soluble oils, offers good rust control and longer sump life. Much like soluble oils, chlorine is sometimes added to improve heavy machining performance. Nanotech coolants are especially popular in applications that require added tool life and cleanliness.

Beta Sol 200EX Semi Synthetic Coolant
A chlorinated semi-synthetic coolant. Exceptional biological resistance makes this the choice for the one-coolant shop. Hard water stable and can be used in all machining operations with excellent results. 

Beta Sol 203 Semi Synthetic Coolant
BETA-SOL 203  
A Chlorine-free, medium-duty, semi-synthetic coolant. Good hard water stability with improved bacterial resistance. Can be used on most materials without staining. Will perform most machining operations but not recommended for broaches.

Beta Sol 205 EX Semi Synthetic Coolant
An economically priced 
chlorinated semi-synthetic, formulated for light-medium duty machining. This coolant offers both good biological resistance to bacteria and good sump life.  

Beta Sol 215 EX Semi Synthetic Coolant
BETA-SOL 215 EX  Chlorinated Semi-synthetic coolant for medium to heavy machining. Formulated with extreme pressure additives, this coolant will outperform most others in machining of multi metals applications.

Beta Sol 6000 Semi Synthetic Coolant
BETA-SOL 6000  State of the art technology. By incorporating new advancement in additives and using both operator and environmental friendly ingredients this product offers great operator acceptance and outstanding improvement in tool performance.  This product is free of Chorine, Formaldehyde. Sulphur, Boron and heavy metals. The new chemistry of this product provides exceptional lubricity and low foam.

An Innovative micro emulsion chlorinated Semi synthetic coolant, containing nanotech lubricity agents that work at the microscopic level during the most severe machining applications. The formula has great operator acceptance with low foam, low odor and the cleanest running coolant on the market. This coolant excels in all materials and will replace soluble oils in many applications. Provides excellent corrosion protection. Hard water stable emulsion. 

Nanotech 7000 Semi Synthetic Coolant
An Innovative micro emulsion chlorinated Semi synthetic coolant, With all the attributes of NANOTECH 6800This coolant has an added lubricity package for drilling, tapping and heavy machining applications for most materials. Provides excellent corrosion protection. Hard water stable emulsion.

Blade Life 1600 Semi Synthetic Coolant
Semi-Synthetic sawing fluid. This product is designed to lubricate, dissipate heat and clean all types of saws. Cabinets, brushes and rollers will stay cleaner providing both better machine performance and blade life.