Sales Channel Philosophy & Policy
General Understanding

Advanced Chemical Solutions, ACS, is committed to working with industrial distributor partners.  
Limited Distribution
Our long goal is to develop a LIMITED distribution channel with DISTRIBUTOR MARKETING PROGRAM partners. At the outset our marketing efforts with distributor partners is to make every attempt to provide ample technical support materials and on-site training and support through our manufacturer’s agents.
Open Distribution
As we introduce our products to new market areas we may utilize an OPEN distribution model to determine which salespeople and distributors embrace our products.  As a market area matures, and sales volumes grow, we develop closer working relationships a LIMITED group of distributors whom we then grant exclusive geography to via out Distributor Marketing Program.
Regional Managers and/or Manufacturer’s Agents
Selection and identification of distributor partners is done though our regional manager and/or manufacturer’s agents.  Our field representatives are our eyes and ears and are the first contact for sales and technical support. All decisions related to distributor and account issues will be made in conjunction with our Regional Manager’s and/or Manufacturer’s Agents’ input and recommendations.
Direct End-User Orders
It is our policy that we DO NOT encourage end-users to place DIRECT ORDERS to Advanced Chemical Solutions. We will however, on selective case-by-case basis, accept direct orders AT LIST PRICE in market areas where we have no distributor partners and/or at the customer’s written behest.

PAYMENT: Buyer agrees to the payment terms as stated on this document and agrees, that is case of default, Seller may assess interest charges for late payment at rate shown on reverse. In the event Seller turns Buyer over for collection or suit, Buyer agrees to pay all collection and legal expenses incurred by Seller pertaining to the collection of payment due Seller by Buyer.