Our "Protect IT" Rust Preventive product line of surface protection helps to prevent formation of iron oxide of ferrous structures on materials and equipment.

Rust Preventative Protect It 165S
Protect IT 165S 
A solvent based, water displacing rust preventative. Formulated to provide a monocular thin dry film of protection on part to be stored indoors for 6-12 months protection. Protect IT 165S can be applied to metal surfaces by dipping or spraying. It does not typically need to be removed, but if necessary, can be removed with conventional alkaline cleaners.

Rust Preventative Protect It 170
Protect IT 170 
A solvent based, water displacing rust preventive offering longer term indoor protection based on  condition such as temperature and humidity. 
Protech IT 170 can be applied to metal surfaces by dipping or spraying. 

Rust Preventative Protect It 214
Protect IT 214 
A oil based rust preventative â€‹is a moisture-displacing rust preventative and corrosion inhibitor designed for long-term in-door use. It spreads into voids to displace moisture and leaves an oily thin-film.

Rust Preventative Protect It 265
Protect IT 265 
A general purpose water displacing inhibited protective oil ideal for use where solvent based products are unacceptable. 

Rust Preventative Protect It 675
Protect IT 675
A multi-purpose, water based rust inhibitor,  designed to impart good rust protection on metal parts and surfaces.

Rust Preventative Protect It S
Protect IT S 
A dry film rust inhibitor that offers passivation of ferrous metal surfaces.  Final Rust Preventive, not be machined with amine containing coolants.

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