Coolant Proportioner

ACS Plus Coolant Mixer - venturi style, water powered with stainless steel suction pipe

Includes 3/4" female swivel adapter AND adjustable stainless steel intake pipe.

The suction tube is a 2-piece stainless steel pipe. The stainless steel pipe screws in securely and will not fall off into your drum. The adjustable collar allows for different height drums or use only one piece with 5-gallon pails.

Introducing the world's most advanced Coolant Mixers that are virtually maintenance free, highly accurate, and provide easy and fast adjustment. ACS Coolant Mixers use a rotary disc valve which is precision CNC machined from stainless steel. Other venturi coolant mixers are designed with either a needle valve or set of mixing jets. These designs can be time consuming to adjust, have too many parts, and/or are prone to blockage.

The ACS Coolant Mixer's rotary disc valve is highly accurate, and their compact construction and minimal parts make these coolant mixers easy to install and highly reliable.


Wetted Components: Aluminum, stainless steel, brass, acetal, nitrile rubber

Proportional mixers are used to properly mix concentrates with water producing working solutions and make-up solutions. Typical applications for proportional mixing pumps are coolants, cleaners, strippers, degreasers, fertilizers, and fungicides.

Advantages of using proportional mixers are:

Venturi types use water passing over an orifice to create suction that draws the concentrate from the container and mixes it with the water. Concentration is controlled by either changing orifice size or turning a metering valve. Accuracy can be affected by both water pressure and concentrate level.

Note: Plumbing codes in some areas may require a back flow preventer or other types of controls before the mixing system. It is always recommended (and required for the warranty) to install a screen filter before the mixer.

Though the Regulating Scale effectively gives a value based on trial & error, It should not be taken as an absolute Percentage Ratio. For desired mix, actual mix has to be checked by testing with a Refractometer

CAUTION: These units cannot operate with any back pressure, so they can only be used to fill a pail or nearby container. The outlet hose cannot be restricted or used to shut off the mixer. The outlet hose must NOT be connected to any device that can restrict the flow. This means NO sprayer devices, in-line systems, or piping overhead lines.