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At Advanced Chemical Solutions, our mission is to be a leader in metalworking fluids by providing world-class quality, service, innovative and cost effective products.

We strive to provide both employee and environmentally safe products that solve problems by being proactive and provide a competitive edge to our end-users production.

ACS is an innovative producer of advanced metalworking fluids and services for the automotive, aerospace, metals, mining, and metalcutting and metaforming machinery industries. Our understanding of the manufacturing process allows us to custom formulate products based on application, if those products are not already available.

Our products are designed to give outstanding bio resistance, great operator acceptance and at reasonable costs. We believe in WIN/WIN and that problems are to be solved not blamed.

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Specialty Blends

We're a metalworking fluid company that can cater directly to your metalworking needs. Formulating products to take care of any problems that you might have. So whether you are looking for a rust preventative, a soluble, a coolant, a cleaner, or just something to make the life of your machine longer; give us a call! Every problem is unique and with that, we can create a formula tailored to fit your need. Let us see what we can do for you!

Your business is unique.
Isn't it time for the coolants you use be the the same?

Unlike the big brands that have a "one size fits all" outlook, Advanced Chemical Solutions offers many unique blends of coolants to match the materials you are cutting and the operations you are doing.

If you have a long running job that you want to improve tool life or finish, we may just have a derivative of your existing coolant that will do just that!

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